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We specialise in sprinkler systems

Here at Team Services Fire Systems we can deliver installation, maintenance, servicing and testing of your Residential Sprinkler System. We have over 20 years of industry knowledge and practical experience meaning all our work is carried out by our specialist in-house team. 

Based in Glasgow, we can provide a free quote for any of your Sprinkler System requirements across Glasgow, Scotland and the rest of the UK.

For more information call us on 0141 778 7344


In Scotland in March of 2021, the Ministerial Working Group on Building and Fire Safety Pushed the latest legislation that was to ensure that all multi-occupancy and residential buildings are equipped with Fire Sprinklers in the event of a fire. This Group pushed the legislation as they reviewed the unfortunate disaster that was Grenfell Tower. Where in 2017 a Residential Tower Block was burned down from a result of bad outer Cladding and lack of fire suppression. And so, the group had pushed two legislations. One to Improve Cladding in all high-rise Buildings and the other, for Sprinklers to be installed to prevent a disaster like that from occurring again.


The Main use of a sprinkler system is not to extinguish a fire as some might believe. The Main use of the system is actually to reduce the rate of which a fire is able to spread within a property. In some situations, it can extinguish the fire, but it should never be relied on for this matter. In the case it fails to extinguish the fire fully it will instead create a rout of escape for the occupants and gives them extra time to escape from the building as the sprinklers douse the flames. Remember Lives cost the most.

So, how do SPRINKLERS work?

Sprinklers Work by a system of pipe-works that run within the voids of the ceilings and walls. These pipes can be of three different materials. Copper, Malleable Steel and CPVC pipes (CPVC being the most commonly within smaller residential builds). These pipes will feed from a pre-calculated water storage tank which will supply the system. Located in pre-determined areas, Sprinkler Heads will be located. These heads are what allow water to spray over a room and can be visible or concealed depending on the requirement of the client. Concealed head will sit flush with the ceiling and/or walls, hidden by a thin white plate.

When It comes to the activation of the system, a certain amount of heat is required for the system to activate. A common misconception is that when the system activates it will activate every head in the system and flood the property. That is not true as each head is fitted with a device that will only activate the closest heads to the fire. So, if the fire located within one room, only the head located in that room will activate and douse the fire.


For a sprinkler system to be installed it must conform to British Standards. For Fitting systems within a Residential Property, we conform to the BS:9251:2021. This Standard tells our designers what types of materials the water pipes can be made out of, what category of system should be used in a dwelling, the size of the tank required, number of heads and everything else that makes a sprinkler system and how they should be built. If this Standard is not followed, the system will be unable to be signed off or could fail which can lead to the loss of life.

  • Cost-Effective: When compared to the damage that a fire can cause, Sprinklers are an effective cost-effective measure when it comes to protecting a physical Property as well as the residents that reside within.

  • Reducing Damage to Property: When a system is to activate, it slows the rate of which a fire will spread so giving firefighters more time to react and save your property. Not only that, Furniture and Structural integrity will not be damaged.

  • Minimal Maintenance: Once a system is installed, it will continue to run effectively and outside of the annual maintenance checks, the system needs little to no maintenance.

  • Reducing the Cost of Insurance: Each client will most likely be paying for insurance for damage and with the installation of a sprinkler system, a client can see an average reduction of 15% for insurance.

  • Increasing the Value of a Property: After a system has been installed the added safety of a sprinkler system can increase the price of a property and any buyer will see the benefit of a pre-installed fire safety system within the property

  • They Save Lives: Bottom line when it comes to the advantages of having a sprinkler system is that they will save lives. Even if the fire is not extinguished it will still give a person within the property the crucial time to escape and have the highest chance of survival.

If you require installation or maintenance of a Residential Sprinkler system then please send us your requirements below and one of our team will be in touch to arrange a free quote, or call us on 01355 457494 and we would be delighted to have a chat.

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